Capturing Your Story, One Frame at a Time


Beyond the camera and the technicalities lies the heart of photography – the connection. With every shutter click, I strive to form a bond, to understand, to resonate. Your trust allows my creativity to flourish, leading to captures that are genuine and heartfelt

St. Louis Family Photographer

Who is K.Brownlee Photography?

Hi! I'm Kristen, a dedicated mom of three and a passionate photographer, I understand the value of memories. Whether it's a radiant wedding, the warmth of a family reunion, or the gentle moments of maternity – I'm here to capture it all authentically.

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The best part about being a photographer is getting to take my clients dreams and make them a reality! I love getting to go out in crazy weather to turn a maternity session into a winter wonderland! I love getting to try new things with each session!

Warrenton Family Photographer | Example of First Birthday Photography Work

Kind Words From Clients

"We had the most incredible experience with Kristen! The day our shoot was scheduled, it was super cold and we had 4 kiddos we were getting photos taken of. Kristen gave us the option to reschedule, or do the shoot in her home! The setup was beautiful and she was very accommodating and made sure our kids were comfortable. Plus the photos were absolutely flawless. I will not of anywhere else for my professional photos. Thank you so much, K.Brownlee Photography!

– Katelin Roe

Capturing Memories Across Missouri

 I'm thrilled to be based right here in the beautiful town of Warrenton, MO. But my passion for photography doesn't stop at our town's borders – I'm all about exploring and capturing incredible moments in surrounding cities, including but not limited to Truesdale, Jonesburg, Wright City, Foristell, Innsbrook, Troy, Moscow Mills, Flint Hill, Wentzville, Missouri and of course the vibrant St. Louis and even Kansas City.

Destination Weddings – Your Love Story, Anywhere on the Map

For those whose love stories take them beyond Missouri's borders, we are excited to share in your journey. Whether you're tying the knot on a sun-soaked beach, a rustic European village, or a mountain peak at sunset, we're more than ready to pack our gear and join you. I believe that every story is unique and deserves to be documented with the utmost care, and I'm willing to travel to the ends of the earth to do it! Destination weddings hold a special allure, with their distinct settings and intimate atmospheres, and I promise to ensure that every whispered vow, every soft glance, is immortalized.

Bring your vision and your memories, to life. Your moments matter, and no distance is too far for us to help you cherish them forever.